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Use of weather information for civil protection, emergency management and humanitarian aid

Convener: Thomas Kox (Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München, Germany), Sally Potter (GNS Science, New Zealand)

One of the most important actors in the preparation and mitigation phases of severe weather events is the emergency management community. In this session we want to highlight collaboration, cooperation and mutual understanding between the weather services and members of the broader emergency management community (e.g., civil protection, emergency management, firefighting, road and air safety).We explicitly encourage empirical examples from practice as well as theoretical or conceptual contributions. We welcome manuscript abstract submissions for oral and poster presentations regarding the following aspects of the broader topic:
  • The role of probabilistic forecasting  in extreme weather decision making
  • Engagement of weather services with the broader emergency management community
  • Scientific work of social, psychological and organisational factors of understanding and use of weather forecasts and warnings
  • Policies and socio-technical constellations of anticipating weather events,
  • Effects of organisational (re)structuring and organisational learning to face future challenges,
  • Changed concepts of training and exercise, including setups and practices of weather services and/or emergency management,
  • Questions and solutions regarding data, information and knowledge management in dealing with extreme weather events and risks,
  • Questions of decision-making and the distribution of competencies,
  • Insights from best practices, drills or coping with recent events.
Freie Universität Berlin