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Post Conference Workshop: Cross-cutting enablers, particularly partnerships and locally led action (14 Mar)

Convener: Carina Fearnley (University College London, UK), Ilan Kelman (University College London, UK; University of Agder, Norway)

14th March, 8-9 UTC or 20-21 UTC, respectively

Join our participatory workshop on cross-cutting enablers, where we will synthesize the insights and learnings from the conference to advance the concept of "Early Warning for All", focussing on partnerships and locally led action. We aim to foster a dynamic discussion to share their perspectives on what should be done or examples of successful initiatives, emphasizing both achievements and areas for improvement. Specific cross-cutting enablers include but are not limited to:

  • Inclusivity and intersectionality: Accounting for individuals’ and groups’ characteristics that support and impede the warning process.

  • Integration: Components of warnings should rarely be separated as standalone elements, invoked without prior work. Instead, they ought to be connected to daily life and livelihoods, becoming part of people’s typical experiences.

  • Imagination: Creativity and exchange are important to learn from each other, to offer ideas to each other, and to consider the warning process beyond what we might be used to.

  • Initiative and leadership: Everyone can offer contributions and everyone must learn from each other, often taking the initiative and leadership to become a student and to become a teacher.

  • Ensuring that the warning process starts with people, referring to The First Mile of warning systems rather than The Last Mile.

  • Considering all time and space scales, so late warning systems and medium warning systems in addition to early warning systems.

  • Focusing on multi-vulnerability warning systems to incorporate but move beyond multi-hazard warning systems.

Your attendance will help shape a tangible outcome from the conference to help the creation of accessible and effective warnings for all. We look forward to your insights.

Freie Universität Berlin