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2nd WWRP/SERA "Weather and Society" Conference 2024


Extreme hydrometeorological events are affecting societies, economies and environments as never before in human history. Governments, science agencies, the humanitarian sector, emergency managers and decision-makers face an unprecedented challenge to reduce the risks to citizens and society.

Weather and climate services must meet these challenges by engaging in dialogue to develop understanding and deploying all available resources to provide information to support decision making.

The Societal and Economics Research Application (SERA) Working Group of the World Weather Research Programme (WWRP) invites the weather community to participate in the second Weather and Society Conference from February 26th to March 1st 2024, online only. On this occasion, the umbrella of the conference will align the recent UN initiative Early Warnings for All.

The themes and sessions of the conference will focus on the social science contribution to the four pillars of Early Warnings for All and the cross-cutting enablers which connect across and within all aspects of the early warning value cycle:

  • Risk knowledge and management

  • Observations and forecasting 

  • Dissemination and communication 

  • Preparedness to respond

  • Cross-cutting enablers, particularly partnerships and locally led action

  • Monitoring and evaluation

The objective of this Conference is to bring together the NMHSs community, the scientific sector and user communities to reflect on case studies and practice which will contribute to the achievement of the goal of Early Warnings for All.

For outcomes of the first Weather and Society Conference, see article in the Bull. Amer. Met. Soc.

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